Dora the Explorer Cupcake Mix

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66434_10151743761901683_1657002581_nI often make different cake mixes with my son as it is an easy way that he can join in helping to mix and make something. Yes its no gourmet homemade recipe but some days making cakes from a cake mix can fill a much needed gap for ‘something to do’ without much preparation as some days you just don’t have the time or energy!  It’s hard to find the usual cupcake mixes in Kuwait that I am used to from back ‘home’ – and if the supermarkets do sell them here they are usually double the price I would pay back in the UK. So usually when my parents visit us or if we travel back to the UK I make sure that we stock up!

My son is really into characters at the moment – Barney, Thomas the Tank and Peppa Pig so when he saw the Dora the Explorer cake mix box he got very excited! Everything was included in the box apart from 1 egg, 6g butter and 25ml water which made things very easy for us! I helped my son pour the cake mix, butter, water and the egg into a bowl and carefully showed him how to whisk the ingredients together. He helped me to spoon the creamy mixture into the cake cases and then they went into the oven for 10 minutes. The Dora cake mix came with a special activity pack and stickers so they entertained my son whilst the cakes were in the oven and gave me chance to clean the kitchen up. Once the cakes were cooked and looking slightly brown I took them out to cool. Once they were cool enough my son helped me to make the icing sugar. I then spread the icing sugar onto the cakes whilst he decided what Dora decorations to put onto each cake – this was his favourite bit!

Making the cakes took a good half an hour and filled a little gap of time before my son’s lunchtime when he was getting slightly bored. He really enjoyed looking at the cakes and deciding which one to eat after his lunch.



*For those looking for similar cake mixes in Kuwait I have seen them for sale at Lu&Lu Hypermarket, Sultan Center and Geant.


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