Play dough afternoon

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971362_10151744093616683_690694265_nWe had some time to kill before dinner so we decided to get the play dough out. My son really enjoys squeezing play dough into different shapes as well as feeling the texture of the dough go through his fingers. He used to play with play dough a lot when he was in creche so I knew he would enjoy seeing it again.

We used four different pots of play dough – red, yellow, blue and white. When then used these colours to make some orange, pink and a lighter blue. My son enjoyed repeating the colours to me as I explained what colours we were playing with. It is an easy way to introduce the names of colours to a young child without removing the fun from playtime. During our playing we made different shapes (circle, square and triangle) and my son tried making some of his own shapes. We used the plastic cutting knife to cut the play dough into different quantities and counted them as we cut. My son then had some free-time using the different cutters and shape moulds by himself.

Playing with playdough has great benefits for children as well as it being fun and messy! It develops their fine motor skills by using different muscles in their hands through poking, squeezing, rolling and chopping to build their strength – making them ready for using scissors and pens when they are older. It also develops a child’s imagination through creating different ‘make-believe’ items. I was asking my son what he would like us to make and he choose a cake which we put candles on and sung ‘Happy Birthday’. The list of things you can make with play dough is endless – from pretend food to animals and people. You can also use playdough for learning – cutting shapes, numbers and letters, chopping out different quantities and sorting colour, shape, length and size.

*Messy play mat purchased at the Early Learning Centre, The Avenues (helps keep the ‘mess’ to a minimum and is easy to clean).

*Play-doh purchased at Baroue, The Avenues (be careful when buying the cheaper brands as we have found it is often quite dry and cannot be used to make much. Try and stick to the actual Play-doh brand – its worth the extra money!)

*Playdough cutters and rollers purchased in the UK from car-boot sale (I am guessing they will sell them in Kuwait in the usual toy stores in the Playdough section – Baroue, Toys R Us, Early Learning Centre, Fantasy World etc).


**Remember you don’t need lots of colours of playdough – you can make different colours by mixing colours together).



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