Before Dinner Filler

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We had about 20 minutes until dinner was ready and my son was starting to flag a little – asking for snacks and looking for something to do. I decided to get a colouring book and some coloured felt tip pens out.

He loves Thomas the Tank Engine at the minute so he was easily entertained colouring some pictures in and sticking the stickers from the book onto himself and the different pages.

I sat with him whilst he was colouring and was asking what colour pen he was using (we are learning colours) and he was getting used to taking the lid off and putting the lid back on the pens – great hand-eye coordination practice!

Simple, quick and easy way to distract children from snacks before dinner is ready!

There are lots of ‘100fils shops’ in Kuwait – similar to £1 shops you would get back in the UK but obviously cheaper (100fils is roughly 23 pence). The ones I tend to visit are located in Souk Salmiya, Qatar Street. I get lots of my craft supplies from these stores as prices are really cheap – quality can vary but for the price you can’t moan! You can get feathers, sequins, glitter, seashells, colouring books, beads etc from them. If you are buying quite a lot of items you can always ask for a discount which they will usually give you. I get all my sons colouring books from these stores as they have lots of character books that he loves – Barney, Dora the Explorer, Thomas the Tank Engine etc.

*Thomas the Tank colouring book, from 100fils shop, Souk Salmiya

*Colouring felt tips, from supermarket


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