Food Painting

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999171_10151749666601683_176654852_nThis is a fun activity for children that is also a great morning or afternoon snack.

My son loved this activity and we will definitely be doing it again as it was really quick to prepare. We repeated the three colours we were using as he was painting to practice our colours and he loved the fact that he was painting his food, as you wouldn’t normally do it! We used two different types of paintbrushes and the thicker brush definitely worked better as it covered the snacks in more paint than the thinner brush. This activity kept my son’s attention for more than half an hour and he enjoyed eating the painted snacks as he went along. You could also leave the snacks to dry afterwards and then eat them.


Paintbrushes, from Early Learning Centre

A drop of food colouring (we used blue and yellow, and then made some green by mixing the blue and yellow)

Milk – we used about 30ml in each bowl and still had some left over (we used full-fat milk, you could also use sweet evaporated milk which would make the ‘paint’ thicker)

Snacks (we used popcorn and Honey Nut Cheerios)


Pour about 30ml milk into a bowl and add a drop of food colouring.


Prepare snacks that you will be painting.

Dip paintbrush into bowl of food colouring and start painting!


*Other snacks you could use – marshmallows, bread (which you could then toast), different types of cereal etc.

*Lighter coloured snacks work best to ‘paint’ as you will see the colours more.


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