Ramadan in Kuwait

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Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and Muslims around the world fast during this month. The month lasts 29-30 days depending on visual sightings of the moon. From dawn until sunset Muslims refrain from eating, drinking, smoking and engaging in sexual relations. During Ramadan most places in Kuwait will change their opening times and it is illegal to eat, drink or smoke in public (unless you are a child under 12, pregnant, travelling or ill but then you should still be discreet). A lot of places will open for a few hours in the afternoon and then close until the evening when they will often stay open past midnight.

This will be our second Ramadan in Kuwait, the first was the summer our son was born and this year due to the fact I would be too far along in my pregnancy to fly. We would normally go back to the UK for the summer holidays but this year we have decided to stay in Kuwait with a weeks holiday in Dubai at the beginning of the summer. As a lot of expats know spending summer in Kuwait can be tough! With the weather hitting the late 40’s every day all activities outside are off limits and during Ramadan its hard for us to find places to go during the day to occupy our son as opening times for most places are during a time when our son is asleep! As our son really likes routine and is good at going to bed at night we haven’t wanted to disrupt this by going out during the evenings therefore we have been spending lots and lots of time indoors! I have been racking my brain for the past few months making lists of things to do during this time. We have been filling our days with painting, cooking and lots and lots of playing! We’ve had fun but now I am really looking forward to getting back outside and going to some of our favourite places again!

Things to do at home with children:

Cooking or baking

Painting and colouring


Make dens

Movie morning or afternoon

Have an indoor picnic

Play dough

Make hand puppets

Invite a friend over

Play dress-up

Junk modelling – save up any used boxes or bottles and make something with them

Places open during the day (during Ramadan):

The Avenues – opens for a few hours late morning to early afternoon (and probably the same for Marina Mall, Al Kout, 360 Mall etc)


Beach clubs (if you can stand the heat!)


PLAY at Discovery Mall (apparently opens at 12 noon however mall staff were a bit unsure when I asked!)

Bright Minds – run classes that you can attend with your children (as well as a Summer Camp) including cooking, phonics, crafts etc. They also have a soft play/creative play area.


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