Finger Painting Fun!

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1098296_10151757926231683_898859783_nAfter my son’s nap we decided to do some finger painting. I bought the finger paints a few weeks back but we hadn’t got round to using them until now. With it being a messy activity I stripped my son down to just his nappy and put the messy play mat down so my son could really get creative and messy with the paints – which is the way it should be!

I took the lids off the paints and showed my son how to dip his fingers and hands into the pots and then put the paint onto the paper in different ways – smearing, dotting, splatting etc. He loved being able to feel the paint between his fingers (plus hair, feet and face by the end!) and being able to freely paint whatever he wanted as well as choosing what colours he wanted.

Finger painting is such a simple yet fun activity. Children love nothing more than getting messy and having fun whilst doing it! As well as it being fun, finger painting has so many benefits;

Allows children to be creative and use their imagination

It strengthens the fingers and hands which helps with fine motor skills

Introduces or reinforces colours and colour mixing

It stimulates children’s senses – touch/feel, sight, smell and taste (if you use edible paints)

* Messy play mat, from the Early Learning Centre

* Finger paints, from the Early Learning Centre

* Rolled paper, from the Early Learning Centre (you could use regular plain paper also).



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