Fruit Painting

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DSC_0896We had dinner a bit earlier yesterday so had some extra time before my son’s bath time so I thought we could do some painting but with a twist! We painted with some fruit and vegetables! I cut the fruit and vegetables in half for my son to reveal the patterns inside and then showed him how to dip the fruit and veg into the paint and then onto his paper. He loved this activity and enjoyed smelling and feeling the different fruit. It’s a great informal way to introduce or reinforce the colours and the names of different fruits and vegetables.


Fruit and/or vegetables (we used a lemon, an orange, an apple and some coriander)


Paint, from the Early Learning Centre


Paper plates (we put the paint onto the plates as they can be binned after using them – less to clean up afterwards!)

What we did:

Cut up the fruit and vegetables to show their centres (this was done by me and not my son).

Ask your child what colours they would like to paint with and put them onto the paper plates (or whatever equipment you are using for your paint)

Explain to your child what the different fruits and vegetables are called.

Demonstrate how to dip the fruits and vegetables into the paint and then print onto the paper (less paint will show more of the patterns of the fruit/vegetables).

*Other fruit and vegetables you could use – different herbs, carrots, mushrooms, limes, celery, grapefruit, peppers, cabbage etc.


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