Homemade Trail Mix

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1146968_10151776485101683_1250027595_oIt’s so easy to just grab a packet of crisps or a couple of biscuits for your child when they are hungry and I do it so many times especially if I am in a hurry to go out and need a snack to take with us. I often struggle to think of ‘healthier’ snacks to give or make for my son and then I remembered tasting some Trail Mix a while back which is more of an American thing (I think!) and not something we tend to have in the UK. I thought it was a great idea and a nice change to the unhealthier snacks like crisps and chocolate but slightly more exciting than having fruit or vegetables all the time. I decided to make some for my son really quickly yesterday afternoon. If I were to make it again I would definitely include some more dried fruits and if making it for myself and not my son I would throw some nuts into the mix.

Inside my Trail Mix:


Honey Nut Cheerios


Dried Cranberries

White Chocolate Chips

Chocolate Chips

Butterscotch Chips

Small Pretzel Sticks

Small Marshmallows

I put all the different dried snacks into a bowl and mixed them together. To make life easier I have put the mix into ziplock bags and now they are ready to grab for a snack or if we are going out.

*Other dried snacks you could include: different nuts, seeds and dried fruits, m&ms, smarties, small crackers, different cereals, popcorn etc


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