Sensory Bottles

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971064_10151776589651683_84352471_nI’ve always been interested in sensory bottles and love the fact that you can make such different types of bottles with a variety of different materials but have never made any until a couple of days ago.

Sensory bottles are made by using empty water bottles and then filling them with a variety of different materials and small objects. If your child is old enough they can help you to make the bottles by choosing what items they want inside the bottle and it is great hand-eye coordination practice or they can be made by an adult or older sibling. Sensory bottles are a great way for young children to see how different materials move around as well as it being very fun and relaxing to both make and look at them!

I made two sensory bottles with my son a couple of days ago and he really enjoyed having free choice of the different materials I had inside my craft box and being able to feel the texture of the different kinds of objects from the softness of feathers to the roughness of glitter. I allowed him to choose what he wanted inside the bottles and how much of it. Any items that needed cutting smaller I cut them for him and he then started to put the different materials and objects inside his water bottles. Once he decided that his bottles were finished we filled the bottles roughly half-way with water and I glued the lids onto the water bottles (to be safe and avoid any spillages). My son really enjoyed shaking the bottles and seeing the materials move around in the water especially the glitter! We will definitely be making some more sensory bottles in the near future!

Materials used:

Empty water bottles


Glitter, from 100 fils shop, Souk Salmiya

Pipe Cleaners, from 100 fils shop, Souk Salmiya

Sequins/Gems, from 100 fils shop, Souk Salmiya


* Other materials/objects you could use: coloured water (with food colouring), seashells, beads, buttons, pom poms, tin foil, washing up liquid (to create bubbles), small rocks/stones, shredded paper, rice, oats, ribbon etc

* For younger babies you could do your sensory bottle inside a ziplock bag instead and tape the bag to your child’s highchair so they could feel the texture of the objects and materials moving around.


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