Homemade Cloud Dough

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1002584_10151787192291683_1912213358_nMy son loves sensory and messy play so yesterday whilst he was napping I made some cloud dough. It only took 5 minutes to make and it still feels and smells great today! I placed some plastic animals, small plastic people and some beach/sand toys inside the box for my son to play and use with the cloud dough. He loved feeling the softness of the dough and pouring the sand onto his animals and plastic people. He also made lots of a small sandcastles with his bucket and spade. Plus he loves glitter so anything with glitter in or on is always a winner! This activity kept him entertained and busy for nearly an hour – a massive chunk of time for a two year old!

There are so many ways to play with cloud dough and so many ways you can change it – different colours (by adding food colouring), different coloured glitter, different tubs or pots to place it in and of course different toys and equipment to put in it. I will definitely be making some more of this in the future – even I enjoyed playing with it and found it quite relaxing. Although it is messy, I found it quite easy to clean up from my tiled floors – a simple brush worked fine.

Toy animals, from 100 fils shop, Souk Salmiya

Plastic people, from Happyland collection at the Early Learning Centre, the Avenues

Sand toys, from 100 fils shop and Baroue, the Avenues

Messy Play Mat, from the Early Learning Centre, the Avenues

White plastic box, from IKEA, the Avenues


4 cups of flour

1 cup oil

Glitter (optional – but does make it look nice and sparkly)


Put the flour, oil and glitter into a bowl and mix together until it combines.

The texture should look like you are about to make pastry but it you sqeeze it together then you will see how it comes together and holds its shape. Nice and easy!

*We used baby oil in our recipe as it gives a much nicer smell.



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