Discovery Place at The Scientific Center

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Sand Pit at Discovery Place

Sand Pit at Discovery Place

A few days ago we visited Discovery Place at the Scientific Center. Discovery Place is a educational area which is full of science exhibits that are fun and entertaining. It has different activities where you can learn about energy and how to create it (solar, kinetic and and magnetic) and it has an area for travelling exhibits which is changed every 6 months, at the moment it is the Robot Zoo. The different activities and exhibits at Discovery Place include a machine to see how fast it would take you to burn off the calories of a sugar cube, spinning and rotation experiments and a buzz wire experiment. The Robot Zoo which will be at Discovery Place until the end of November 2013 includes huge animal robots and different activities that allows visitors to see the world through an animal’s eyes – a bar to hang like a bat, a piece of frosted glass to show you how a housefly sees the world and an exhibit to show how a chameleon changes its colour.

Discovery Place also has a planetarium with ‘Star Shows’ every day. Click here for the timings.

We visited about 9.30am and had the place to ourselves for about 40 minutes until another family came. It was great as our son could run around and we didn’t have to worry about him bumping into anyone. He really enjoys the big sandpit they have in there and with it being empty – he had it to himself as well as all the trucks and sand toys. He could have easily spent our whole trip playing in there. He also liked trying on the camouflage outfits and watching himself on the television screen at how he ‘disappears’ and of course he loved throwing the plastic balls that stuck on to the ‘Stuck on You’ exhibition screen. The staff and security guards were really friendly and were giving our son lots of attention and smiles which he obviously loved. Every time we have been it has always been immaculately clean and all of the exhibitions have been in great working order.

There are a few food outlets at the Scientific Center – Pizza Hut, Burger King, Starbucks and a few stalls selling ice cream, nachos and popcorn. During the school academic year on weekdays the Burger King restaurant can get VERY busy with school trips meaning you may have to wait a while for your food and also eat in a complete mess of a restaurant with food and wrappers across the floor, tables and chairs. We tend to stick with Starbucks now as it is much quieter and cleaner.

Discovery Place is a great place for children of all ages – younger children can enjoy the large sandpit whilst older children can learn and enjoy the different scientific exhibitions and activities. We visit every couple of months just for the lovely sandpit – the exhibitions are a bonus!

Location: Discovery Place, the Scientific Center, Gulf Road, Salmiya. Click here for a map.

Opening Times: Saturday-Wednesday 9am-9.30pm, Thursday 9am-10pm and Fridays 2pm-10pm

Price: Adult 2KD, Children (3-12 years) 2KD. Children under 3 years of age are free.

*Discovery Place offers an afternoon delight ticket Sunday-Wednesdays from 2pm-5pm for 1KD each per adult and child.

*You can also buy combo tickets where you can add an extra attraction (Aquarium, IMAX) to your ticket for a reduced price.

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