Edible Painting

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Jello Paint

Jello Paint

We haven’t chance to do much crafty or arty things at home the past couple of weeks as we have been out most days enjoying the last of the summer holidays before my husband is back in work. But with a free afternoon a couple of days ago we decided to do some painting but with a twist! We made some edible paints by mixing Jello with some food colouring!

To make the edible paint we made the Jello as per the instructions on the box (mixing milk with the Jello mix) and allowing it to set for 5 minutes before serving the Jello into the individual pots in our cake tin. We then added a different colour of food colouring into each of the six Jello portions and mixed it in until it turned the colour we wanted. We used red, blue, yellow and green food colouring for our paints. To make the purple paint we mixed red and blue food colouring and to make the orange paint we mixed red with yellow.

The paints came out really well on paper – I was very surprised; they were like a thicker version of real paint and probably cheaper as well! My son really enjoyed using thick and thin paintbrushes that we recently bought from Ikea at the Avenues as he could see the thick and thin marks that the ‘paint’ was leaving behind. He was slightly hesitant to taste the paint at first (probably as he thought you aren’t supposed to eat paint) but eventually enjoyed dipping his fingers in and licking the paint off.

Really simple and quick to make the ‘paint’ and much cheaper than using real paint. Plus its a different consistency for your child to see and also the added bonus that they get to taste it too! We will definitely making this ‘paint’ on a regular basis.

Materials used:

Jello (any flavour – we used Cheesecake flavour), from baking aisle in supermarket

Food colouring

Paint brushes, from Ikea at the Avenues

Muffin/cake tin

Messy Play Mat, from the Early Learning Centre at the Avenues

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