Paper Plate Bird Craft

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Bird Paper Plate Craft

Bird Paper Plate Craft

I always have a big collection of paper plates in different sizes in our crafts box at home as there are so many different arts and crafts projects you can do with them. They really are a great addition to your crafts box and so cheap to buy. Throw a pack in the next time you visit the supermarket!

Yesterday we decided to make a bird by using a paper plate. My son loved playing with the different coloured feathers and was telling me the colours of them. He also learnt the word ‘feather’ as we hadn’t come across it before. I then explained that we were going to make a bird which he was very excited about and showed him how we were going to make it.

Later in the day, once the glue had dried my son loved running around with his bird and was pretending that it was flying around our apartment. Quick and easy craft that provided lots of entertainment after it was finished too!

Materials used:

A paper plate

Coloured feathers, from 100 fils shop in Souk Salmiya

A pair of googly eyes, from 100 fils shop in Souk Salmiya

Glue, from the Early Learning Centre at the Avenues


Fold paper plate in half. I did this for my son but an older child could do it themselves.

Spread glue across the halved paper plate and allow your child to stick the feathers on.

Glue on googly eyes and beak.

Allow to dry.

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