Monsters Inc Cupcake Mix

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Monsters Inc Cake Mix

Monsters Inc Cake Mix

I had been searching for a cake or cookie recipe to make with my son a few days ago and realised we didn’t have much flour left. Really wanting to do some baking with him and also craving a sweet fix, I remembered that we had some cupcake mix boxes in the cupboard. I asked my son which one he would like to do and after recentely watching the new Monsters University movie he choose the Monsters Inc cupcake mix. This mix was actually bought in the UK by my parents for us and unfortunately I haven’t seen it available here in Kuwait, but I could be wrong!

Everything we needed to make the cupcakes was included in the box apart from an egg, a small amount of butter and 30ml water which was great! I helped my son pour the cake mix, butter, water and the egg into a bowl and carefully showed him how to whisk the ingredients together. He then helped me to spoon the creamy mixture into the cake cases and they went into the oven for 12-15 minutes. Once the cakes were ready I took them out to cool and once they were cool enough my son helped me to make the icing sugar by adding a little water to the icing mix at a time. I then spread the icing sugar onto the cakes whilst he decided what Monsters Inc decorations to put onto each cake – which he loved!

This activity took about 30 minutes not including the cooking time as I explained all the different ingredients to my son and allowed him to take his time mixing with different utensils. I have noticed that his mixing and coordination when using a spoon has greatly improved the past couple of months since we have been cooking and baking regularly. I try to do at least one cooking or baking activity with him each week. Even if you don’t have time to set aside for a special recipe – you could allow your child to help you make lunch or dinner once a week by explaining the different ingredients and using different utensils – great for vocabulary and coordination practice. Doing this may also help fussy eaters as they can see what ingredients go into their meals.

*Similar cake mixes are available at Lu&Lu Supermarket/Hypermarket, Sultan Center and Geant.

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4 thoughts on “Monsters Inc Cupcake Mix

  1. I’ve got this mix in my cupboard! (I live in the UK) I’ve been meaning to use it for a while now – I bought it for Monster’s University! 😀

  2. We had it in the cupboard for a couple of months ourselves and I had actually forgotten it was in there! Glad we made them – they were eaten in a flash! 🙂

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