No Paintbrushes Allowed!

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No Paintbrushes Allowed!

No Paintbrushes Allowed!

Yesterday we got creative thinking of ways we could do some painting but without using the usual paintbrush or sponge! Me and my son looked around the apartment for different objects that would leave different paint marks (thick, thin, patterns etc). We decided on using a plastic spoon and fork, a hair clip, a feather, a bottle lid and some rocks.

I got the paint ready and then showed my son how to dip the different materials into the paint and paint in different ways on the paper – stamping, spreading, brushing etc. It was a real fun activity as you could see the different ways the paint showed up from using different sized and textured items. It was a great way to explore colours, textures, sizes and shapes. We will definitely do this again with different items.

Materials Used:

Paint, from the Early Learning Centre, the Avenues

Paint Palette, from Office Depot, the Avenues (bargain at 250 fils, they also do larger ones for a little more)

Paper, from Office Depot, the Avenues

Materials – rocks, feather, bottle lid, hair clip and plastic spoon and fork

*I plan to do this activity again with larger items and a bigger paint palette or my usual paper plates to store the paint on.

*Other items you could use – coaster, plastic cutlery, kitchen utensils (spatular, sieve, potato masher etc), a straw, flowers, grass, toys (cars, trains, lego etc), string, empty tinned cans, potpourri etc.

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