Sensory Bottles

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Sensory Bottles

Sensory Bottles

A few days ago we made a couple more sensory bottles. I think I may enjoy them more than my son actually does! The list of different things you can put in them in endless and I think they are great calmer and good hand-eye coordination practice.

In these couple of sensory bottles I thought we could make a specific coloured one as we have been learning a lot of colours lately and one of my son’s choice.

For our coloured bottle we decided to use green coloured things. I showed my son the different items and materials inside our craft box and he choose what ‘green’ items he wanted inside his bottle. He choose some gift wrap ribbon/string, some plastic cocktail sticks, glitter and some smiley face beads. I cut the ribbon into smaller pieces for him and he then started to add the materials into his empty water bottle. He then helped me to fill the bottle with some water and I glued the lid onto the bottle. For the other sensory bottle, my son was really excited by the bag of cut up and shredded foil that we had bought recently and enjoyed throwing some up into the air whilst putting some into the other empty water bottle. Once he had put as much foil as he wanted into the bottle we then again filled it half-way with water and glued the lid onto the bottle.

The bottles are such a calmer and my son enjoys sitting on the rug especially before bedtime and watching the materials move inside the water. They really are very relaxing to watch.

Materials used:

Empty water bottles


Glitter, from 100 fils shop, Souk Salmiya

Coloured shredded/cut up foil, from 100 fils shop, Souk Salmiya

Small smiley faces, from 100 fils shop, Souk Salmiya

Cocktail sticks, from 100 fils shop, Souk Salmiya

Gift wrap string/ribbon, from Ikea at the Avenues



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