Coloured Ice Cube Bath

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Coloured Ice Cubes

Coloured Ice Cubes

I have been teaching my son opposites the past couple of weeks – up and down, open and closed, hot and cold, big and little etc and he is really starting to get the hang of it! When we are playing or even when we are outside I ask him frequently whether something is ‘open or closed’ or ‘hot or cold’. When we go to the supermarket we will go to the fish section and he will feel the ice and say its cold. When he is eating his dinner he will say its hot etc.

I decided to go with our opposites learning as well as the colours that we are continuously practising I would make some coloured ice cubes that my son could chase around the bath. I decided to make my ice cubes the day before but you could do it a few hours before. I ran my son’s bath as normal and put him the bath whilst my husband got the ice cubes. I then added a couple of ice cubes at a time to the bath and was reinforcing the different colours as well as asking my son whether the ice was ‘hot or cold’. My son loved chasing the ice cubes around the bath until they eventually melted. It was a real fun activity and made bath time much more fun! If you don’t fancy using them in the bath, you could use them in a sensory tub/box with some normal water and allow your child to chase them around.

What to do:

The day or night before you are planning on using them fill your ice cube tray up as normal (with water).

Add a drop of food colouring into each section of the tray – you could use all one colour or a mix like me.

Put the ice cube tray into the freezer.

Once frozen they are ready to use!


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