Circle Painting

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Circle Painting

Circle Painting

After reinforcing ‘circles’ the past few weeks my son has really started noticing them in objects around our apartment and when we are outside. He will point out that the clock, the drinks coasters and the wheels on the car are circles and he has started practising drawing them using felt tip pens.

My son was asking to paint this morning (ridiculously early may I add!) and I was trying to think of something that didn’t need a quick set-up but was also different from just using a paintbrush. I remembered that we had lots of empty toilet roll holders in a drawer and thought we could paint with them since we have been practising the circle shape. Whilst my son tidied up his toys I got the paint ready some paper plates and set out the messy play mat. I then asked him what shape the ends of the toilet roll holders were and he said circles!! We used four different coloured paints and four empty toilet roll holders for each colour. My son really enjoyed stamping his circles onto the paper and was counting how many he was stamping from 1 to 10.

Really quick set-up and a great way to introduce or reinforce shape names.


Empty toilet roll holders/tubes

Paper plates – to put the paint on – you could use a paint palette, bowls, regular plates etc

Paint, from Ikea at the Avenues

Coloured Paper, from the Early Learning Centre at the Avenues

Messy Play Mat, from the Early Learning Centre at the Avenues



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