Use a Baking Tray for Magnetic Letters and Numbers

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Use a Baking Tray as a Board

Use a Baking Tray as a Board

Great idea for when you are busy making dinner or even just a different way to use your child’s magnetic numbers and letters – use a baking tray! No need to fork out lots of money on expensive boards for your child; you can simply use something you already have at home. I have started doing this a lot at home when I am cooking dinner. Especially if my newborn daughter is asleep I tend to put my son in the kitchen with me with a baking tray and some magnetic numbers. I will ask him to find different numbers and he will ask me what certain numbers are.

You could also write the alphabet down and get your child to match the letters, and the same with numbers. If your child is a little older, you could write some words down one half of the baking tray and have your child use the letters to spell the word on the opposite side. They also practice writing their name.

*Magnetic numbers and letters by a brand called Imagination sold at Toys ‘R Us – each tub only 500fils

Toys ‘R Us have 2 stores in Kuwait – 360 Mall and on the 4th Ring Road in Shuwaikh.



Halloween Mummy Toast

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Mummy Toast

Mummy Toast

Yesterday we took a simple favourite in our house and turned it into a savoury Halloween snack – Mummy Toast! A nice change as a lot Halloween recipes tend to be sweet or include sweets/candy!

This snack was perfect for my son; he loves toast for breakfast and he would absolutely live off cheddar cheese – he adores it! It was basically one of his favourite foods but assembled in a slightly different way. Really fun for children to make and also to eat!




Tomato sauce – ketchup or a pizza base tomato sauce

Decoration for the eyes – olives would look best but never had any so we used raisins

What we did:

Toast the bread and spread on a layer of tomato sauce.

Cut your cheese into strips and arrange them on your toast to resemble bandages.

Add your eye decorations (raisins, olives etc).

Halloween in Kuwait

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To my surprise after doing a big search for things to do or events on during Halloween in Kuwait there is surprisingly quite a lot going on….well for such a small country and for a country were most of the nationals don’t actually celebrate it.

For those in Kuwait, here is a list of different Halloween events happening over the next few days.

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Cotton Wool Ghosts

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Cotton Wool Ghost

Cotton Wool Ghost

I never been a big celebrator of Halloween before but now my son is getting old enough to become more involved in it I have become Halloween obsessed!! I keep finding myself trying to think of Halloween crafts and foods to make or searching on the internet for any Halloween events going on in Kuwait (harder than it sounds – they aren’t big fans of it over here!). Luckily, the school my husband teaches at is having a Halloween event and although its only for students of the school we have managed to get ourselves some tickets. Very excited to dress my two up!

Another obstacle in Kuwait is finding a pumpkin! Sounds ridiculous for this time of year? We have small pumpkins that you would cook with but not nice pretty orange pumpkins that you carve and have on display. Thankfully, we can usually count on Dean & Deluca at this time of year for their pumpkins…well their pricey pumpkins should I say! We paid 7.500KD for our small pumpkin – that is about 16-17GBP!! But only once a year I guess!

Going with our Halloween theme, today we made some Cotton Wool Ghosts. Really easy craft for my son and other than putting the glue onto the card, he could do the rest of the craft himself – which he loved!

What you need:

Black card, from Early Learning Centre, at the Avenues

Black tissue paper, from Early Learning Centre, at the Avenues

Cotton Wool

Glue, from the Early Learning Centre

What we did:

I squeezed glue onto the black card ready for my son – if your child is older they could do this part themselves.

Tear cotton wool and stick onto ghost.

Scrunch up 2 balls of black tissue paper for the ghosts eyes. Glue onto ghost.

Ritz Cracker Spiders

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Ritz Cracker Spiders

Ritz Cracker Spiders

Yesterday I really wanted a food activity to do with my son but I also needed something fairly quick and something that I could leave for a couple of minutes if my daughter (who has a fond liking of only sleeping on me!) woke up. I also wanted something ‘Halloween or spooky themed’. So we decided to make some edible spiders. My son adores Ritz crakers and would sit and eat them all day if I let him so I decided we could make something with them – no cooking required so could be left for a few moments if needed but also something that my son would actually enjoy eating!

This activity is great to practice counting and also good coordination practice through spreading the filling onto the crackers.


Ritz Crackers (2 per spider)

Pretzel Sticks (8 per spider)

Filling (Cream Cheese, Peanut Butter, Chocolate Spread, Jam etc)


What we did:

Spread chosen filling (Nutella, Philadelphia, Peanut Butter) onto one side of one Ritz cracker.

Count out 8 pretzel sticks and stick them on top of the filling – the idea is to make them look like spiders legs so four on either side.

On another Ritz cracker, spread some filling and place this cracker on top of the other so they sandwich together.

Dip 2 raisins into some fillings and place onto your cracker for the eyes.

*You could use any small dried fruit (cranberries, currants, sultanas, blueberries etc) or chocolate chips for the eyes

*For an all year round activity or if you don’t fancy making spiders you could spread the pretzel sticks all around and create a sun.


Chocolate Covered Apples

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Chocolate Covered Apples

Chocolate Covered Apples

We are planning a lot of Halloween and Autumn themed activities for this last week of October. So over the weekend we decided to make some chocolate covered apples. My son isn’t a massive fan of fruit so we are constantly trying to find ways to get him to eat a little more. And with a bit of chocolate on he managed to eat a bit of apple! Not that healthy but a nice Autumn treat!


Green apples (we used 3)

Chocolate (100g)

Ice Lolly Sticks (we used wide ones) – from 100 fils shop in Souk Salmiya

Sprinkles (optional)

What we did:

Stick the ice lolly sticks into the apples.

Melt chocolate in the microwave. We heated for 30 seconds, stirred then again 30 seconds, stirred.

Dip the apple into the chocolate.

Decorate your apple with any sprinkles, chocolate chips etc.

Leave to one side for chocolate to set.

Top tip: Use cold apples from the fridge as the chocolate will not only set quicker but will cover the apples in a nicer way instead of being very ‘drippy’!

Back again!

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I’ve had just over a month’s break from posting on my blog as my daughter was born and we have been trying to get ourselves into some sort of routine! During this time there hasn’t been that many crafty things going on or much going out and about in Kuwait as I have been recovering. But now we are back on our feet and I am looking forward to posting more ideas to do at home with your children, as well as places to go in Kuwait.