Ritz Cracker Spiders

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Ritz Cracker Spiders

Ritz Cracker Spiders

Yesterday I really wanted a food activity to do with my son but I also needed something fairly quick and something that I could leave for a couple of minutes if my daughter (who has a fond liking of only sleeping on me!) woke up. I also wanted something ‘Halloween or spooky themed’. So we decided to make some edible spiders. My son adores Ritz crakers and would sit and eat them all day if I let him so I decided we could make something with them – no cooking required so could be left for a few moments if needed but also something that my son would actually enjoy eating!

This activity is great to practice counting and also good coordination practice through spreading the filling onto the crackers.


Ritz Crackers (2 per spider)

Pretzel Sticks (8 per spider)

Filling (Cream Cheese, Peanut Butter, Chocolate Spread, Jam etc)


What we did:

Spread chosen filling (Nutella, Philadelphia, Peanut Butter) onto one side of one Ritz cracker.

Count out 8 pretzel sticks and stick them on top of the filling – the idea is to make them look like spiders legs so four on either side.

On another Ritz cracker, spread some filling and place this cracker on top of the other so they sandwich together.

Dip 2 raisins into some fillings and place onto your cracker for the eyes.

*You could use any small dried fruit (cranberries, currants, sultanas, blueberries etc) or chocolate chips for the eyes

*For an all year round activity or if you don’t fancy making spiders you could spread the pretzel sticks all around and create a sun.



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