Cotton Wool Ghosts

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Cotton Wool Ghost

Cotton Wool Ghost

I never been a big celebrator of Halloween before but now my son is getting old enough to become more involved in it I have become Halloween obsessed!! I keep finding myself trying to think of Halloween crafts and foods to make or searching on the internet for any Halloween events going on in Kuwait (harder than it sounds – they aren’t big fans of it over here!). Luckily, the school my husband teaches at is having a Halloween event and although its only for students of the school we have managed to get ourselves some tickets. Very excited to dress my two up!

Another obstacle in Kuwait is finding a pumpkin! Sounds ridiculous for this time of year? We have small pumpkins that you would cook with but not nice pretty orange pumpkins that you carve and have on display. Thankfully, we can usually count on Dean & Deluca at this time of year for their pumpkins…well their pricey pumpkins should I say! We paid 7.500KD for our small pumpkin – that is about 16-17GBP!! But only once a year I guess!

Going with our Halloween theme, today we made some Cotton Wool Ghosts. Really easy craft for my son and other than putting the glue onto the card, he could do the rest of the craft himself – which he loved!

What you need:

Black card, from Early Learning Centre, at the Avenues

Black tissue paper, from Early Learning Centre, at the Avenues

Cotton Wool

Glue, from the Early Learning Centre

What we did:

I squeezed glue onto the black card ready for my son – if your child is older they could do this part themselves.

Tear cotton wool and stick onto ghost.

Scrunch up 2 balls of black tissue paper for the ghosts eyes. Glue onto ghost.


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