Edible Sparklers

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Edible Sparklers

Edible Sparklers

I always get a bit homesick and unsettled in Kuwait around this time of year.  In the UK now we would be seeing leaves falling from the trees, Christmas stock would be coming in the shops and we will have just celebrated Halloween and would be leading up to Bonfire Night. Things in Kuwait never seem to change. To deal with my homesickness today and to feel like we can have a little of our usual traditions from the UK we decided to make some edible sparklers in celebration of Bonfire Night. I remember when I was younger ‘writing’ with sparklers in my parents backyard; and seen as we don’t have sparklers here in Kuwait…we decided to make some of our own instead!

It is a really easy activity to involve my son in and also really fun with all the different types of decoration you could use. And its chocolate based so obviously it is delicious!




Decoration (sprinkles, chocolate chips/balls etc)

What we did:

Melt the chocolate in the microwave (30 seconds, stir, 20 seconds).

Brush some melted chocolate onto one end of your breadstick.

Sprinkle on some of your decoration.

Leave to set.

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One thought on “Edible Sparklers

  1. You can buy sparklers grom the 100 fils shops and i bought party poppers too, in an attempt to feel the spirit of Bonfire Night.

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