Shaab Playground Park

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Shaab Playground Park

Shaab Playground Park

Good parks are hard to find in Kuwait….actually any type of park is really hard to find in Kuwait. But, we came across this lovely park in Shaab after hearing about it from Kuwait Moms Guide.

Shaab Park is different from other parks over here and it really reminds me of a UK park. It has ducks and geese wandering around, lots of different types of trees and in the middle of the park there is a lovely water feature. The park has a big climbing structure with a couple of slides on, a few swings, a couple of rocking/see-saw type of apparatus and a big climbing net. There is even a walking track around the park  for those mums that might like to do some exercise too or the kids could take their bikes and scooters to ride.

We took some bread with us to feed the ducks and I am surprised as my son is going through a being scared of animals phase but he just loved them! He was getting really close to them and was really excited when throwing the bread to them. It was lovely being able to do this in Kuwait as it is something we do all the time back in the UK but it felt extra special in Kuwait. He also loved being really adventurous getting to the top of the big climbing structure and shouting down to us.

A really lovely park that is free, clean and just that little bit different. It is only a 5-10 minute drive from where we live so this park will be seeing a lot of us over the coming months. Next time, I plan to take a picnic and a blanket with us and spend the morning there.

Location: Shaab Residential Area. Click here for a map.

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