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Every time we visit the Scientific Center in Salmiya I take a look around the Gift Shop on our way out and usually pick up a little gift for my son; mostly a soft toy or some toy animals to play with. However last time we visited I noticed that they were selling plain soft toys that you decorate yourself called a Colour-A-Pal. They come with a pack of 4 colouring felt tip pens and the idea behind the Colour-A-Pal is that you can wash them in the washing machine so that the decorating and colouring can be started from scratch whenever you like.

They had quite a reasonable selection of them ranging in size and price. My son loves fish at the moment so he choose a medium sized fish, which cost 2.250KD – not bad as it can washed over and over again so will provide lots of enjoyment! They had smaller soft toys for a bit less and larger ones for just over 3KD. This activity is great for my son as he is still so young he has been decorating his fish for a few days – its a great activity to entertain him whilst I am making his lunch and one that he can easily come back to whenever he likes.


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