Jarir Bookstore

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Jarir Bookstore, Hawally

Jarir Bookstore, Hawally

Over the weekend we happened to find an amazing book store not far from where we live in Hawally; Jarir Bookstore. I am actually really disappointed that we hadn’t found this place sooner! Jarir Bookstore is located inside Hawally Park on Tunis Street.  When I looked the store up on the internet I was expecting a small basement store with limited supplies but this place is HUGE!! The selection it has is massive – video games, a big selection of Arabic and English books, computers and computer supplies, office supplies, cameras, phones, electronics, school supplies and my personal favourite –  a great arts and crafts selection.

My husband was really impressed with the selection of English books they had especially as we don’t have a ‘decent’ book shop in Kuwait and I was extremely excited by all the crafts supplies. I have been coping with 100 fils shops and the Early Learning Centre for paints and crafty things in Kuwait which as you know the selection is limited. Jarir Bookstore has made me a very happy girl! They had pom poms, lolly sticks (plain and coloured), sequins, glitter, pipe cleaners, felt, foam, paints, children’s scisssors, play dough, play dough cutters, stickers, wooden pegs, coloured match sticks, feathers, buttons, googly eyes, coloured sand, plain canvas (range of sizes), educational games and books……the list goes on!! The prices at Jarir are really reasonable too. I spent 15KD and got 2 massive bags full of stuff. I also cannot speak higher of the staff. They were really friendly; all saying good morning with big smiles and were available to help with great advice and information but also giving you space to look and not following you around like a lot staff in stores in Kuwait do which drives me crazy!

Definitely worth a trip if you are into books or arts and crafts. It is really easy to find; located at the back of Hawally Park.

Location: Jarir Bookstore, Hawally Park, Tunis Street, Hawally. Click here for a map.

Opening Times: Sat-Wed 9am-10.30pm, Thurs 9am-11pm and Fri 4.30pm-11pm

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One thought on “Jarir Bookstore

  1. Good blog.. I keep reading it.. For your info, there is a used book shop in Salmiya named “Better Books”. You get a good collection of English books.. Here isthe link “http://betterbookskuwait.blogspot.com/p/how-to-find-us_14.html?m=1”..

    Have a nice day..

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