Salmiya Park

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Salmiya Park

Salmiya Park

As the weather has been perfect the past couple of weeks (well other than the freak storms the past couple of days…whats that all about?!) we have been searching for some parks or outside space that our son can run around and burn off some energy on the weekend and are slowly making our way down our list. We have been a visitor of Salmiya Park for quite a while now as we used to live really close and now it is a 15-minute drive away we still visit regularly.

Salmiya Park is really easy to find, it is located on a busy road (Hamad Al-Mubarak Street) near the heart of Salmiya. It is just in front of the International Clinic and Gulf English School and opposite Salmiya Co-op. The park has plenty of well-kept green grass and an array of trees. Our son loves nothing more than running around the grass (still a novelty with living in the Middle East!) and touching and jumping up to the different trees. We often take a ball for him to play with as there is so much space. This place is perfect for picnics and we often taken a blanket and some food and spend the morning there. The park/playground itself is quite shabby and old – a lot of the playground equipment has graffiti on or is either broken or looks unsafe. There are a couple of slides that aren’t in too bad of condition that we allow our son to play on.

A good park if you are looking for somewhere to have a picnic at or to just enjoy running around on the grass but if you are looking for a park with lots of playground equipment then this isn’t the one!

Location: Salmiya Park, Hamad Al-Mubarak Street, Salmiya. Click here for a map.

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