Reindeer Food

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I was at a Christmas Bazaar a few weeks back and noticed a vendor selling Reindeer Food for a couple of dinars and was going to buy some for O when I thought we could just make our own – it would be a nice Christmas Eve activity for him and it would mean more having made it himself. All we needed was some oats and glitter, a lot less than the couple of dinars being charged at the Christmas Bazaar too!

What we used:

Oats (we used Natureland but any kind if oats would do)
Glitter (we used silver, gold would look nice too)

What we did:

O poured some oats into a bowl.
He then began sprinkling some glitter into his oats and mixing it in.

We didn’t sprinkle ours outside, we placed it next to Santa’s cookie and milk in our living room. However if you were placing it outside, perhaps you could use some sugar, coloured sugar or edible cake sprinkles instead of glitter in case any birds eat it.


Christmas Eve Box

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I decided to start a new tradition in our family this year after seeing the idea on Facebook; a Christmas Eve box. A Christmas Eve box is opened on Christmas Eve (obviously!) and can hold lots of nice surprises of your choice. O was so excited to see all the Christmas bits inside and of course his new car pyjamas to put on after his bath!

Anything can be placed in the box and it doesn’t have to be new or expensive; the books and teddy bears in ours we already had since last Christmas! And the treats I had collected on each food shopping trip over a few trips.

Our Christmas Eve box contained:

A couple of Christmas books – Dear Santa and That’s not my Santa…
New pairs of Pyjamas for O and M
A couple of Christmas teddy bears
Toffee Popcorn
Milky bar buttons
Christmas/Santa themed lollipop pop and chocolates
Reindeer food that we had made earlier in the day

I popped all stuff inside a cardboard box (I used an Amazon delivery box but a shoe box would be fine) and wrapped it up with gift wrap ready for O to open with M after his nap.


Puffy Painted Snowman

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shavingcreamsnowmanI have been up since 4.30am with my youngest, and now she is sleeping and I am wide awake! I thought I may as well update with the last couple of Winter and Christmas inspired crafts that we have been up to during the holidays before the new year begins.

A few days ago we made this really fun cold, puffy painted snowman from an idea I read on Growing a Jeweled Rose. When I first read the ingredients and that the paint would dry puffy I thought it was going to be a difficult scientific project just to make the paint but nope – ridiculously easy and simple! It was just a case of putting the can of shaving cream and glue bottle in the fridge the night before we were planning on using it, taking them out the fridge and making equal parts of each and there it was – Shivery Snow Paint.

What you need:

Shaving Cream

White School Glue

Glitter (optional)

Card – to paint on and for the snowman’s eyes, nose and buttons

What we did:

  • I placed the can of shaving cream and glue bottle in the fridge overnight.
  • About 10 minutes before we began making our snowman I took the glue out of the fridge to get it flowing.
  • I mixed equal parts of shaving cream and glue into a bowl.
  • If you want, you can mix in some glitter to make it sparkle.
  • O then used a paint brush to explore the bowl of ‘snow paint’ a little and loved the fact that the paint was cold like real snow!
  • He then began painting his snowman onto some card. I painted a snowman alongside him to show him how to do it, but he did all of his painting himself.
  • I cut out some eyes and buttons for our snowmen from black card and some orange triangles for the nose.
  • We left them to dry overnight and the ‘snow paint’ dried puffy.

A really lovely winter themed craft that we would definitely do again. It is really simple to make; an older child could even help to make the snow paint. I love that this paint was cold so could used a bit of a sensory activity before the painting begun and the fact that once it was dry it dried puffy and looked and felt really different and unusual to our usual paintings.

Edible Snowman Craft

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snowman edible



















A few days ago we made this great Snowman craft all from snack food! Obviously don’t eat any of the food if you have already put the glue on ready to stick down but it is great to dish up a few extra pieces that children can snack on whilst making it. O loved having a mixture of raisins, pretzels and marshmallows to eat whilst he was making his snowman. Once O had stuck down all his snacks to make the snowman we left it to dry overnight and then stuck it on his bedroom door with his other Christmas and Winter themed crafts and paintings.

What you need:

A piece of card


Raisins – for eyes and mouth

Marshmallows – for the body

M&M’s – for the buttons

Pretzel sticks – for the arms

What we did:

  • I used the glue to ‘draw’ the circles for the snowman ready to stick the marshmallows on. An older child could practice doing this themselves.
  • O then started sticking his marshmallows onto the glue one at a time, pressing them down to make sure they stuck.
  • I then helped O put some glue down for the snowman’s arms and buttons and he then stuck on his pretzel sticks and M&M’s.
  • We then put some glue on the snowman’s face for the eyes and mouth which were made from glueing down the raisins.

Fruit Loop Christmas Tree

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FRUITLOOPXMASI haven’t posted for a few days as we have been enjoying some lovely family time over the Christmas holidays. We have made reindeer food, made and decorated christmas biscuits, ate a delicious Christmas dinner cooked by my husband and of course enjoyed opening and playing with lots of new toys. The next few posts will be a Christmas catch of what we have been up to the past few days so posts will be Christmas themed. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday with your family and friends. We certainly did, and whilst I am sad that the holiday season is almost over I am also very excited for a productive and fun new year!

Last week we made this really easy Christmas Tree craft decorated with Fruit Loops Cereal. We had a small box of Fruit Loops in the cupboard left over from a variety pack of cereal that we bought months ago and this was the perfect way to use them up, as we aren’t going to eat them.

What you need:

Green paper or card



Fruit Loops (Cereal)

What we did:

  • I cut a Christmas Tree shape from the green paper.
  • O then began glueing on the fruit loops one at a time, pressing them down into the glue to make sure they stick.
  • Leave to dry.

Christmas Handprint Art

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handprintxmasO loves anything that is a little messy and loves nothing more than getting lots of paint on his hands and face when we are painting so when it comes to doing a handprint painting I know he will love it before we even begin!

What we used:

Black card

Paint – green, red, white (light pink made from the red and white paint)

Star Stickers (from City Star, Hawally)

White pom pom (from Jarir Bookstore, Hawally)

Cotton wool


What we did:

  • Christmas Tree Handprints – I painted O’s hand with the green paint and printed it onto the black card. We waited for it to dry and then decorated it with star stickers
  • Santa Claus Handprint – I painted O’s hand (white fingers, light pink in the middle and red thumb and upper hand) and then once it was dry we glued on a pom pom and cotton wool for Santa’s hat.

Snowman in a Bottle

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snowman bottleAnother bottle craft – a snowman in a bottle! I am so glad that we save our empty water bottles, they sure have been used this week!

A few days ago I set up this snowman in a bottle craft ready for when O woke up from his nap. As soon as he saw the materials out on his crafts table he ran straight into the living room. Excited before we even begun!

What we used:

  • Empty water bottle
  • Cotton wool balls
  • Felt – for the hat and scarf (from Jarir Bookstore)
  • Googly Eyes (from 100 fils shop, Souk Salmiya)
  • Orange foam – for the nose (from City Star, Hawally)
  • Glue

What we did:

  • First we filled our empty water bottles with cotton wool balls and screwed the lid back on the bottle.
  • We glued on the googly eyes and stuck on the foam triangular nose.
  • I cut the felt up both for the hats and scarfs. I showed O how to wrap around the felt scarfs and hats and glue them on.

O really enjoyed this activity as he is currently mad about snowmen from reading some winter books before bed each night. He kept saying that his snowman was cold because he had a hat and scarf on. Very cute!