Homemade Christmas Tree Ornaments

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ornamentsMy apologies for not posting for a while…I am still adjusting to being a mum to two small, busy children! Our little girl, M is now 11 weeks and really doesn’t like sleeping in the day, unless she is lay on me! And throw into mix also that her big brother, O has just started to shorten his naps from 3 hours to an hour and a half which means that hour and a half is a battle between trying to get M to sleep and getting some housework done! We have been very busy though – lots of crafts (which I will post about over the next few days), classes and playdates. Oh and not to forget Christmas shopping and Christmas Bazaars!

A couple of weeks ago with the plan of putting our Christmas Tree up the following weekend we decided to make some homemade ornaments to hang from our tree. I had a few packets of dough left that I bought back from the UK and lots of Christmas cookie cutters. This was a great activity that took up enough time to keep O entertained for a while but also didn’t require too much attention that he would get restless. We cut out our shapes on the Thursday, left them to dry over the weekend and then painted and decorated them on the Sunday and Monday. A few days worth of activities! Result!

Recipes for making your own dough can be found here and here.

What we used:

Dough (packet or homemade)


Cookie or Play dough cutters

Rolling pin

Glitter (optional)


What we did:

  • O rolled out his dough and began choosing what cutters to use (reindeer, snowflake, santa claus, star, sleigh).
  • He then carefully cut out his different shapes and I used a pencil to put a hole through the ornament before we left them to dry over the weekend.
  • Once dry O chose what colour he wanted to paint each ornament and begun painting. Before the paint dried he sprinkled some glitter onto his ornaments and a red pom pom onto his reindeer.
  • We left them to dry overnight and then I added the ribbon onto them ready to hang from our tree.

These homemade ornaments are hanging beautifully on O’s small Christmas Tree in his bedroom – a bargain in Carrefour at 850 fils! They will last forever and are really beautiful to keep as he grows up. I plan on making some each year.



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