Paper Plate Christmas Wreath

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xmaswreathLast week we decided to make a Christmas Wreath that we can hang on O’s bedroom door over the festive period. I had planned on using some green tissue paper and practice screwing the tissue paper into small balls and sticking them on but realised my green tissue paper supply had ran out! With having already gotten the other supplies ready I desperately looked around for some other material we could use when I remembered that we still had this green shredded crepe paper style material that we used in a mini-beasts sensory box a couple of months ago. It turned out quite well and O enjoyed sorting the shredded paper out into smaller piles ready to stick on. For the ‘berries’ on the wreath we used some left over Christmas decoration string beads that I cut into single beads for O to stick on.

What we used:

Paper plate

Green paint



Green shredded tissue paper/crepe paper, from 100 fils shop in Souk Salmiya

Red beads, from Carrefour at the Avenues (Christmas Decorations section)


What we did:

  • I cut the middle of the paper plate out using scissors, leaving the outside of the plate – shaped like a wreath.
  • I mixed a bit of glue into the green paint and O painted his paper plate wreath.
  • O then started sticking down the green shredded crepe/tissue paper and glueing down the small red beads.
  • Once it was dry we hung it on O’s bedroom door.

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