Paper Roll Reindeer

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reindeerThis is such a lovely yet easy craft to do around this time of year and also a wonderful keepsake to remember how small your child’s hands were. It would be lovely to make each Christmas and watch how you child’s hands grow each year.

Remember to write the year on the back of your reindeer so you can remember how old your child was when their hands were this tiny…..they won’t be this small for long!

What you need:

Toilet/Paper Roll

Brown paint

Red pom pom (or something similar in red for the nose)

Googly eyes

A piece of plain card

What we did:

  • O covered his paper roll in brown paint.
  • I painted O’s hands with brown paint and made two handprints on the card for the antlers.
  • Once the paint was dry I helped O stick on his googly eyes and red pom pom for the nose.
  • I cut out O’s handprint antlers and made about a 1-2cm cut down the top of both sides of the paper roll and slotted the handprint cut outs in.

*If you don’t want to paint your child’s hands to make the handprints then you could draw around them on some brown card or even white card and get them to paint it with some brown paint.


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