Decorate a Christmas Tree

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xmastreeLast week we made this very easy Christmas Tree craft. O loved getting to explore our crafts drawers and choosing what materials to use to decorate our Christmas Trees! It required very little set-up and O loved having free choice of all the different crafts materials and decorations we have. He managed to make four trees and would of carried on making more if I had cut more out! This is easily an activity that could be set up for some quiet time too as it’s easy for children to follow and do themselves without a lot of adult supervision. O’s trees are currently hanging on his bedroom with his Christmas Wreath.

What we used:

Green Card or Paper



Decorations – we used sequin stars, pom poms, thin gold string, pipe cleaners, foam stars and different coloured buttons.

What we did:

  • I carefully cut out four christmas tree templates from the green card whilst O chose what decorations he wanted to use from our crafts boxes
  • I showed O how to squeeze the glue onto his Christmas Tree.
  • Then O began choosing and sticking down his decorations.

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