Christmas Sensory Bottles

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xmassensoryLast week we decided to keep on with our Christmas theme and make some Christmas sensory bottles. We love sensory bottles in this house and they will last forever if you look after them! We went digging in our crafts boxes looking for materials and decorations that were just red and green. We decided on pom poms, pipe cleaners, some tinsel and a mixture of red pasta and rice.

Sensory bottles include:

1. Dyed red rice and pasta – we had ours already dyed from another sensory activity. To dye pasta or rice – add your desire amount of rice and/or pasta to a ziploc bag, add some food colouring of your choice and a drop of rubbing alcohol (we use hand sanitizer) and mix together together until all pieces are coloured. Leave overnight to soak in the colour and dry.

2. Red and Green pipe cleaners – cut into long and short sizes so we could discuss which pieces were long and which were short.

3. Red and Green pom pons – again a mixture of sizes to discuss big and small.

4. Red tinsel

O concentrated very hard making sure he placed all the materials into the bottles carefully but did need a bit of help with the small macaroni pasta and rice. He loved the fact that our sensory bottles were themed around Christmas and especially loved playing with the red tinsel before putting it into the bottle.


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