Easy Snowman Craft

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snowmanThis is a really easy and simple craft that requires very little set-up, other than cutting the card into a snowman shape. O has loved using cotton wool in our recent winter and Christmas inspired crafts and was excited to use it again for our snowman today. He didn’t need much guidance when doing this craft, and it was really nice being able to just sit and talk about snowmen and Christmas without having to provide lots of assistance.

What we used:

White card (cut into the shape of a snowman)

Cotton Wool balls

Decoration for eyes, nose and buttons (we used pom poms, ribbon, foam circle stickers and a pipe cleaner).


What we did:

  • I cut the shape of a snowman out of the white card for O. An older child could practice their scissors skills by doing this themselves.
  • I then helped O to put some glue onto the card and showed him how to stick the cotton wool balls all over the snowman shape.
  • He then stuck down his pom poms for his eyes and foam circle stickers for the buttons.
  • I cut the pipe cleaner down into a few centimetres long and we shaped it into a carrot shape and stuck it down.
  • Next was the snowman’s scarf. I cut up a couple of pieces of ribbon (felt would work for this too) and showed O how to wrap it around them snowman and glue it down.

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