Snowman in a Bottle

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snowman bottleAnother bottle craft – a snowman in a bottle! I am so glad that we save our empty water bottles, they sure have been used this week!

A few days ago I set up this snowman in a bottle craft ready for when O woke up from his nap. As soon as he saw the materials out on his crafts table he ran straight into the living room. Excited before we even begun!

What we used:

  • Empty water bottle
  • Cotton wool balls
  • Felt – for the hat and scarf (from Jarir Bookstore)
  • Googly Eyes (from 100 fils shop, Souk Salmiya)
  • Orange foam – for the nose (from City Star, Hawally)
  • Glue

What we did:

  • First we filled our empty water bottles with cotton wool balls and screwed the lid back on the bottle.
  • We glued on the googly eyes and stuck on the foam triangular nose.
  • I cut the felt up both for the hats and scarfs. I showed O how to wrap around the felt scarfs and hats and glue them on.

O really enjoyed this activity as he is currently mad about snowmen from reading some winter books before bed each night. He kept saying that his snowman was cold because he had a hat and scarf on. Very cute!



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