Christmas Handprint Art

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handprintxmasO loves anything that is a little messy and loves nothing more than getting lots of paint on his hands and face when we are painting so when it comes to doing a handprint painting I know he will love it before we even begin!

What we used:

Black card

Paint – green, red, white (light pink made from the red and white paint)

Star Stickers (from City Star, Hawally)

White pom pom (from Jarir Bookstore, Hawally)

Cotton wool


What we did:

  • Christmas Tree Handprints – I painted O’s hand with the green paint and printed it onto the black card. We waited for it to dry and then decorated it with star stickers
  • Santa Claus Handprint – I painted O’s hand (white fingers, light pink in the middle and red thumb and upper hand) and then once it was dry we glued on a pom pom and cotton wool for Santa’s hat.

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