Edible Snowman Craft

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A few days ago we made this great Snowman craft all from snack food! Obviously don’t eat any of the food if you have already put the glue on ready to stick down but it is great to dish up a few extra pieces that children can snack on whilst making it. O loved having a mixture of raisins, pretzels and marshmallows to eat whilst he was making his snowman. Once O had stuck down all his snacks to make the snowman we left it to dry overnight and then stuck it on his bedroom door with his other Christmas and Winter themed crafts and paintings.

What you need:

A piece of card


Raisins – for eyes and mouth

Marshmallows – for the body

M&M’s – for the buttons

Pretzel sticks – for the arms

What we did:

  • I used the glue to ‘draw’ the circles for the snowman ready to stick the marshmallows on. An older child could practice doing this themselves.
  • O then started sticking his marshmallows onto the glue one at a time, pressing them down to make sure they stuck.
  • I then helped O put some glue down for the snowman’s arms and buttons and he then stuck on his pretzel sticks and M&M’s.
  • We then put some glue on the snowman’s face for the eyes and mouth which were made from glueing down the raisins.

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