Christmas Eve Box

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I decided to start a new tradition in our family this year after seeing the idea on Facebook; a Christmas Eve box. A Christmas Eve box is opened on Christmas Eve (obviously!) and can hold lots of nice surprises of your choice. O was so excited to see all the Christmas bits inside and of course his new car pyjamas to put on after his bath!

Anything can be placed in the box and it doesn’t have to be new or expensive; the books and teddy bears in ours we already had since last Christmas! And the treats I had collected on each food shopping trip over a few trips.

Our Christmas Eve box contained:

A couple of Christmas books – Dear Santa and That’s not my Santa…
New pairs of Pyjamas for O and M
A couple of Christmas teddy bears
Toffee Popcorn
Milky bar buttons
Christmas/Santa themed lollipop pop and chocolates
Reindeer food that we had made earlier in the day

I popped all stuff inside a cardboard box (I used an Amazon delivery box but a shoe box would be fine) and wrapped it up with gift wrap ready for O to open with M after his nap.



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