Reindeer Food

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I was at a Christmas Bazaar a few weeks back and noticed a vendor selling Reindeer Food for a couple of dinars and was going to buy some for O when I thought we could just make our own – it would be a nice Christmas Eve activity for him and it would mean more having made it himself. All we needed was some oats and glitter, a lot less than the couple of dinars being charged at the Christmas Bazaar too!

What we used:

Oats (we used Natureland but any kind if oats would do)
Glitter (we used silver, gold would look nice too)

What we did:

O poured some oats into a bowl.
He then began sprinkling some glitter into his oats and mixing it in.

We didn’t sprinkle ours outside, we placed it next to Santa’s cookie and milk in our living room. However if you were placing it outside, perhaps you could use some sugar, coloured sugar or edible cake sprinkles instead of glitter in case any birds eat it.


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