Lunchbox: Day 1

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day1New Year means new category! Since starting Expatfamilyq8 over the summer I had a category named ‘Eating Out’ but it has never had any posts in. Not that we haven’t eaten out since the summer, it’s just with 2 children it has either been a quick ‘eat before they wake up or get fussy’ kind of meal or a fast-food place so there hasn’t been any photos taken and I definitely hadn’t had the chance to properly ‘review’ any meals we have eaten or any restaurants we have gone to. With this in mind and a family new years resolution of us eating ‘healthier’ and trying new things I have decided to change the category to ‘Lunchbox’. I am going to photograph what O has for lunch each day and do a post about it.

O isn’t the healthiest of eaters; he isn’t a big of fan of fruit or uncooked vegetables but I am determined this year to get him eating more of both! Also by doing these daily posts I hope to encourage myself to include more variation in his diet, and not sticking with what I know he likes.

Day 1:

KDD Cocktail Juice

Water (not pictured)

Chicken Paste on Multigrain Bread

Breadsticks with Philadelphia Cream Cheese to use as a dip

Pieces of Gouda Cheese

Apricot Yogurt

Gingerbread Santa Claus biscuits



Box Bento Lunch Box from Pottery Barns Kids, at the Avenues

Small clear/yellow box – from Boots, at the Avenues


If you have any lunch ideas you would like to share or have any questions about mine, please feel free to get in touch 🙂


2 thoughts on “Lunchbox: Day 1

    • Hi Allyson,

      Thanks for your comment and glad you found some useful info on here 🙂 I have been reading your posts since last night, I love your blog and your boys are just adorable! I think your youngest boy must be a similar age to my son too? Really nice to meet a fellow expat living out here!

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