Yarmouk Recycled Park

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1502813_10152124114886683_143265270_oDuring this holiday period that my husband has been off work and with having the cooler temperatures we have been on a bit of tour of parks in Kuwait after reading a list on Kuwait Moms Guide. By doing this I have found my absolute favourite park in Kuwait. A park that has such a bright, clean and safe playground area and a park that is so different to any I have been to, and that includes parks in the UK! This park is called Yarmouk Recycled Park and is located in Yarmouk Block 2.

We visited the park early morning one day last week and followed the roads on the map and it was really easy to find and situated in such a beautiful area of Kuwait. We were the only people in the park which made it even more enjoyable. The park itself is the first of its kind in Kuwait and was made by the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR). The idea of the park is that everything is made from recycled or waste products such as tyres, glass, paper and even old keyboards!

The playground area of the park is the best I personally have seen in Kuwait. It is clean, safe and new – there was no rubbish scattered around, the play apparatus was was safe without any missing pieces or big gaps and the apparatus looked new and colourful; no chipped paint. The playground area really reminded of a park back in the UK with the brightness of it and the style of the play equipment. In the playground area there is a couple of see-saws, a few of swings, a few rocking horse style play equipment and a big play apparatus with steps, bridges and a few slides on.

The recycled parts of the park is actually scattered all around with trees made from tyres, plant pots and flowers made from recycled metal, chairs made from old keyboards and tubing, a big turtle feature made from tyres, archways made from tyres and recycled metal, a Mona Lisa feature made from parts of computers and my favourite feature – flowery camper vans that have been cut in half to be used as seats!

The park has plenty of benches scattered around if you wanted to sit down for a rest, and there is plenty of grass and unusual seating areas if you would like to plan a picnic there.

O loved this park especially the playground area as it was of a size that he could play freely without us following him around and he loved the camper vans and the keyboard chair in the recycled area. This park was a big hit with him and he was even asking to go the next day when we were getting ready to go shopping!

The park is so unusual and I bet you find something new that you hadn’t noticed last time each time you visited the park. It is without a doubt my absolute favourite park in Kuwait, and we have been to quite a few of them! I’ll definitely be revisiting Yarmouk Park on a regular basis.

Location: Yarmouk Block 2. Click here for a map.

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