Kaifan Park (Al Andalus Park)

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1531612_10152127302081683_1780609923_oAnother park from Kuwait Moms Guide’s list that we checked off yesterday; Kaifan Park (Al Andalus Park) which is located in the Kaifan Area. This park was a really nice surprise for us as it is actually not too far from where we live but also in an area that we have never been through before. I can see it becoming a regular Friday Morning thing for us – hubby liked the fact that it had a running/walking path with measurements on so he can do some running and I really liked the playground area for O.

The park is a decent size with lots of grassy areas – it is just a shame that the grass is quite dry and patchy but it would be fine for the kids to have a run around on. There is also a large well-maintained football pitch and a pathway/track that goes around the whole park that has measurements on so ideal if you want to do some running or walking. There are also a couple of water fountains that were a nice surprise although slightly dated and needed a bit of a clean!

The playground area itself is really nice – fairly new, colourful and relatively clean. There are a few swings, a merry-go-round, a few rocking ride-ons and a big play structure with slides, a rope bridge and some monkey bars. There are a few other bits of playground equipment dotted around the park but they are much older and not very safe! I would avoid those if possible! I did have a very upset 2 year old that wanted to go a ridiculously big slide that had half the sides missing from it!

Nice playground area in the park and good for people who want to do some exercise on the measured out pathway. Also big green areas for kids to run around or to bring a picnic to. We would go again with it being only a short drive from our apartment.

Location:  Kaifan Park (Al Andalus Park), Kaifan Block 7. Click here for a map.

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