Mishref Walking Track and Playground

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1496314_10152129587406683_2120605440_oEarlier in the holidays we took a trip to Mishref Playground and Walking Track, also known as Oasis/Wataniya Park. I often pass this park going to Bright Minds and have been meaning to pass by for the past couple of months and after a few friends recommending it we decided to go last week just after Christmas. It was really easy to find if you follow the map and there are a lot of parking spaces available.

The park had a nice choice of play equipment – a couple of swings, a few ride on style apparatus and a decent sized climbing structure that had a few slides on. Not the cleanest park we have been to – the merry-go-round style apparatus had actually been turned into some sort of rubbish bin and was unusable due to that much rubbish being stuck inside it! Also in there were a few parts missing on the climbing structure so we really needed to keep our eyes on O when he was on it. It was nice for O – he enjoyed being able to run around and have a few turns on the slide but I wouldn’t say this was one of my favourite playgrounds that we have visited.

On the plus side, Mishref Park does have a really good sized walking track that is well maintained and I know a lot of people go there to exercise and train and my husband is actually thinking of going there to do some jogging. Also at the park there are a few gym style exercise equipment that were in good working condition, tennis courts and a small football pitch.

Overall I would come back again to exercise or take the kids for a walk but wouldn’t be rushing to get back to the park unless it got a bit of a clean up!

Location: Mishref Park and Walking Track (Oasis/Wataniya). Click here for a map.



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