Luncbox: Day 6

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day6M has been a little fussy the past couple of days and has needed constant cuddles and reassurance so I knew O’s lunch today wouldn’t be anything spectacular with only having one hand to make it or two but with a crying baby! To make his sandwich a little more exciting I used a star cutter that I bought from Daiso in City Centre, Salmiya from a set of different sized star food cutters. As most things in Daiso, it was a bargain at around 500 fils and we got a heart one in a similar style. Daiso is the place to go in Kuwait for Bento supplies – they have all the fancy cutters, sauce bottles and silicone cupcake holders.

I am learning that O tends to eat better and finish more of his lunch if I sit down at his table and eat my lunch with him. He has his lunch a little earlier than I would like to have mine but if it gets him eating better and eating more then it is worth it! He ate all of this lunch apart from the banana which he wasn’t a fan of.

Day 6:

Orange Juice

Water (not pictured)

Laughing Cow spread on Multigrain Bread – cut into a star shape using a star cutter

Vegetable Crackers

Homemade White Chocolate Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies (recipe on next post)


Banana (half cut up into pieces)


Blue Bento Lunchbox, from Pottery Barn Kids at the Avenues

Star Cutter, from Daiso at City Centre, Salmiya





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