Plantastic at the Scientific Center

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pl3Discovery Place at the Scientific is a favourite of ours and we regularly visit there or the aquarium at the Scientific Center. We loved the Robot Zoo at Discovery Place and were very excited to hear that the exhibition had recently changed to Plantastic and we just had to visit! 

Plantastic is the new exhibition at Discovery Place and will be there until 15th June 2014 when it will change again. After reading up about Plantastic before we visited I was very excited to learn that the Plantastic exhibition was actually on show in one of my favourite museums in my hometown, Liverpool only a few years ago! It has also been on display in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, and now Kuwait. The exhibition is divided into five different themes – Moving, Feeding, Reproduction, Surviving and Providing. It reveals the world and science of plants from trees and shrubs to fruit and vegetables and flowers and herbs. There are 40 different mechanical, interactive and multimedia type exhibits and games to explore.

The 40 different exhibits and games include blowing on a huge dandelion and watch the seeds fly away, an insects eye view of plants, a character to feed edible and inedible plants and seeds, a supermarket shop, fossil prehistoric plants to view, a pinball machine to collect wild fruits, a musical instrument tree and many more fun games, quizzes and exhibits. 

O loved the fact that the exhibition had changed but was asking where the ‘big giraffe’ was (yes, we visit here A LOT!!) but was excited to explore all the new games and push and pull some new buttons! His favourites were the big flowers that you could smell the different scents of, the supermarket shop where you can scan the product  barcodes and the big man that you can feed edible and inedible plants, herbs and flowers. 

I can see Plantastic becoming a popular place for school trips especially when the science topic is about plants. There are a range of different exhibits and games to suit different ages, for O’s age (2.5 years) he had plenty to explore, but obviously with a slightly older child you could discuss the topic in more depth and get more from it. O of course also loved visiting the big sandpit, as always!

Click here to read more about Plantastic.

Location: Discovery Place, the Scientific Center, Gulf Road, Salmiya. Click here for a map.

Opening Times: Saturday-Wednesday 9am-9.30pm, Thursday 9am-10pm and Fridays 2pm-10pm

Price: Adult 2KD, Children (3-12 years) 2KD. Children under 3 years of age are free.

*Discovery Place offers an afternoon delight ticket Sunday-Wednesdays from 2pm-5pm for 1KD each per adult and child.

*You can also buy combo tickets where you can add an extra attraction (Aquarium, IMAX) to your ticket for a reduced price.

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