Simple Play – Jan 6-10

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As promised, our update of what we have been up to for the first week of Nurturestore’s Simple Play themed month.

Jan 6: Water Play

water play

Sensory box (from Ikea) filled with water and Baby Bubble Bath. We filled it with under the sea animals and let the animals swim in the water before we washed them all with some sponges, brushes and cloths.


Jan 7: Ice Play

ice ply

I made a small world box for O whilst he was napping. Cotton wool balls for the snow, two plastic lids covered with tin foil for the water and different sized ice cubes (normal water and some water dyed with blue food colouring) for the icebergs and filled it with some Arctic animals and Happyland figures.


Jan 8: Paint


O received a lovely easel for Christmas and today was his first time painting on it! To make it even more exciting I thought we could paint onto some tinfoil for an added sensory experience. O loved the noise that the paintbrush made whilst he was painting on the foil.


Jan 9: Build  a Den


We built a den by using our couch cushions, some regular cushions and some big blankets. O chose some of his favourite books and teddies and I prepared him a little snack to have in his den.


Jan 10: Glue


We made some glow in the dark glue by mixing regular glue with some Kids Expressions Gooey Glow (Magic glow). O painted some lovely pictures and then we sat in a dark room and watched the pictures glow!


*We will be posting our Jan 13-17 simple play activities next week! Check back for more simple play ideas!


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