Simple Play – Jan 13-17

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An update of what we have been up to for the second week of Nuturestore’s Simple Play series for January. This weeks themes were loose parts, small world, treasure hunt, nature walk and play dough. We’ve really enjoyed this weeks play ideas especially the loose parts and the play dough theme.

Jan 13: Loose Parts

loose partsLoose parts are moveable objects that can be used in children’s play. They could be brand new, recycled or nature objects found during a walk. Different loose parts that you could use in play could be straws, pipe cleaners, toilet roll holders, shells, rocks, leaves, twigs/sticks, play dough, feathers, cake cases, googly eyes, sequins, cotton wool, ice cube trays, flowers, dry pasta, lentils….this goes on!

For our loose parts simple play we played with some play dough that we made a few days earlier and some feathers, rocks, shells, googly eyes, cut-up straws and dry pasta and crescent shaped gems/stones. O loved using the loose parts to make different imprints in the play dough and making silly faces with different objects.

Jan 14: Small World

construction siteSmall world play is great for children to use their imagination and create their own stories. It also allows them to develop their language and vocabulary. O often plays with small world toys that we have made at home as well as store bought and I love listening to him make conversations between a few of his toy animals or characters. I made O a construction site for today’s small world play by using rice krispies, oats, Lion cereal, Chex, dried green peas, dry pasta and cheerios. I then added some diggers that he in a toy box in his room. This box stayed out all week and O just loved it! He loved used his diggers to pick up all the ‘mess’ as he called it. We have stored the construction site foods/materials in a box so we can make this construction site again at a later date.


Jan 15: Treasure Hunt

treasureFor our treasure hunt I was planning on making a sensory box with some magentic letters in that O had to find but we were in and out of the apartment so much on this day that our simple play well was very simple! My parents had brought over some chocolate coins with their haul of yummy British goodies so I decided to hide them around the apartment and give O verbal glues to find them. He really enjoyed the game and it allowed us to practise some new vocabulary and reinforce some too – under, on, above, next to, underneath etc.


Jan 16: Nature Walk

photo-1As people in Kuwait reading this will know a ‘nature walk’ in Kuwait is hard to find as we don’t have much grass or trees to explore so for today’s simple play we visited one of our favourite parks – Yarmouk Recycled Park. O loved visiting the playground of course but we also explored the trees, grass and bushes. O collected some flowers and leaves that he wanted to take home with him also.


Jan 17: Play dough

TANGPLAYDOUGHMy favourite simple play theme so far as it is a firm favourite in our house. We have some kind of play dough out every day with different rolling pins, cutters, loose parts and pretend play themes. I am often making different coloured play dough for O and other than over Christmas when we made a Christmas play dough I hadn’t made any scented play dough before. I had seen the idea of making play dough by using Kool Aid before and although we have it in Kuwait it is rather expensive. I remembered that most supermarkets in Kuwait sell a cheaper product called Tang which is similar to Kool Aid and I decided to try making our play dough by replacing our usual food colouring with powdered Tang. It was a huge success. Read about our recipe here.


*Check back next week for our activities for 20-24 January Simple Play themes!


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