Rumaithiya Park

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rum1On Friday we found another beautiful park thanks to Kuwait Mom’s Guide – Rumaithiya Park. This park has gone to the top of my list of parks in Kuwait. It was well maintained and clean, the grass was actually green and there was lots of it and the playground area was safe, colourful and age-appropriate. The park itself is really easy to find, it is located just off the main road in Block 6.

The park has masses of lovely well-kept grass – perfect for picnics, bike rides and for children to have a run around. We had planned on eating out at Movenpick afterwards but if we had known how lovely this park was we would of taken a picnic with us. There is also a large football pitch, a water fountain and a pathway for mums and dads to stroll around or for children to ride bikes on. The playground area has a climbing structure, slides and swings that are all in good condition. The park itself is surrounded by trees and when we visited there was even a security guard/park keeper on the gates to the park, so it felt really safe for O to run around.

We visited around lunchtime and the playground was surprisingly quite busy – I don’t think I have ever been to a park in Kuwait that had more than one other child at! It was really nice as O found a few children to play and run around with and there was still plenty of things for all the children to go on without having to wait around.

This park along with Yarmouk Recycled Park has gone top of the list of my favourite parks in Kuwait. With it being easy to find and not too far from our apartment I think visiting this park may become a regular thing on the weekends for us.

Location: Rumaithiya, Block 6. Click here for a map. (map is of Rumaithiya Block 6, the park is green area on the map)

rum2 rum3 rum4 rum5


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