2-Ingredient No Cook Play dough

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More play dough making today after seeing this play dough idea pop up all over Pinterest this week. We followed Kids Activities Blog’s recipe for this fantastic 2-ingredient super soft and stretchy play dough. This play dough is simply made by mixing hair conditioner and cornstarch/corn flour together. We also added some food colouring into our mix so we had a lovely pastel yellow coloured play dough.

This is by far the easiest play dough that I have ever made and would recommend starting with this recipe if you aren’t usually a fan of making play dough. You can even change the recipe each time you make it by simply using different scents of hair conditioner.

If you dough seems a bit too sticky, like ours did, then add a little more corn flour or normal flour to the mixture.


1 part Hair Conditioner – we used 1 cup
2 parts Cornflour/cornstarch – we used 2 cups
Food colouring (optional)


Mix all ingredients in a bowl.
If dough seems too sticky then add a little more Cornflour or normal flour

*Remember to not leave your child alone with the play dough if there is a chance that they may put it in their mouths. My son has never been a mouther so I was able to let him play independently with the dough, as well as playing with me.



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