Valentine’s Sensory Box

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valentinessensoryboxLast night I dyed some rice and macaroni pasta shells ready for a sensory box that I had in mind to make for O this morning; a Valentine’s Day sensory box. Yes we are very early and keen on Valentine’s Day in this house!

Whilst O was playing his Lego blocks this morning I quickly set up his sensory bin. I emptied the red rice and pasta into our box as the base to our sensory bin and then added lots of pretty and fun Valentine’s Day inspired objects and decorations! Our box included:

different sized and coloured heart cookie cutters, from Daiso at Souk Salmiya

red pom poms, from Jarir Bookstore, Hawally

pink feathers, from 100 fils shops, at Souk Salmiya

foam heart stickers, from City Star, Hawally

different crafty style heart stickers, from City Star, Hawally

a small red pot to pour the red and pasta into, from a painting set at the Early Learning Centre at the Avenues

a red funnel, from City Star, Hawally

textured heart that we got with a beading set, from Ikea at the Avenues

This box was really easy and quick to set up and we are planning on keeping this out for the next couple of weeks on the run up to Valentine’s Day for O to come back to when he feels like.

How to dye pasta and rice:

  • Add desired amount of dry, uncooked rice or pasta into a ziploc bag.
  • Add some rubbing alcohol (we use hand sanitizer) and some food colouring.
  • Close ziploc bag and mix the dry food in with the food colouring.
  • Leave inside the ziploc bag to dry overnight.



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