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handprintcanvasI bought a couple of Canvas’ from Jarir Bookstore in Hawally a few months back with the intention of doing some type of art work with O to put up in his bedroom. I have seen so many beautiful ideas all over Pinterest and different blogs that I follow but in the end to do this really simple handprint and letter art onto O’s canvas. I plan to do the same with M later in the week also.

This idea and method is really simple and we have started and finished it all in one day. I can’t wait to put this up in O’s bedroom!


Paint (2 different colours)
Letter Stencil (or you could draw it yourself!)
Contact Paper


On the back on your contact paper (the side you peel off) draw around your letter stencil (or draw the letter yourself). Cut out your letter and stick it onto your canvas, pressing down firmly.
Paint the background of your canvas – it is ok if paint goes onto the contact paper as you will peel this off later.
Allow background to dry.
Peel contact letter off your canvas.
Paint your child’s hand and make a handprint onto your canvas. Allow to dry.
To colour your letter, add a little glue to the paint you intend on using and paint your letter shape. Before the paint dries, start adding your glitter.
Allow to dry.


2 thoughts on “Handprint Canvas

  1. I have been thinking about doing something on canvas. But haven’t had the guts to put the idea into action… Your work is truly nice.

    • Thank you so much Ramya 🙂 I was the same. I have had the canvas for months thinking what to do with them. Canvas’ are so final and I was worried about messing it up but I am really happy with the result 🙂

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